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ALO trans FM Ltd.

Domestic and international freight transport and forwarding services, specialising in large-volume folding semi-trailers and HARDOX construction folding semi-trailers. Transport of individual piece shipments by tarpaulin semi-trailers. 


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Transportation of loose materials

Transportation of loose materials

National and international transport of bulk materials with 56-52-50 cm³ folding semi-trailers. Since we own a GMP+B4 certificate, we also secure shipments in this mode. 

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Transport of aggregates, gravel and sand

Transport of aggregates, gravel and sand

Transport of aggregate, gravel and sand by folding semi-trailers (HARDOX) of 28-30cm³ volume.

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Transport of pallet goods and metallurgical material

Transport of pallet goods and metallurgical material

We provide national and international transport of pallet goods, metallurgical material, etc. by tarpaulin semi-trailers. We also carry out transports in ADR mode.

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Car fleet


Our fleet consists of SCANIAVOLVO and MERCEDES vehicles, equipped with a GPS navigation and tracking system covering the Czech Republic and abroad. Thanks to the tracking device, we are in control of the vehicles at all times and can inform the customer of the delivery of their transported goods in a timely manner.

The vehicles are regularly serviced, meeting strict environmental conditions.

We have folding semi-trailers of 56-52-50-30-28 cm³ made by STASFLIEGLSCHWARZMILLERBODEX and tarpaulin semi-trailers of the brand KÖGEL.



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